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Welcome to the Best Way to Share Word Documents

Sending docs back and forth by email hasn't changed since the internet was invented. Read between the documents with Comparisign.

Perfect Redlines

Comparisign independently generates redlines in both PDF and Word, using the "track changes" format you're already used to. There's no reason to worry about how another person might've changed the document.

Always Up To Date

Never spend hours revising the wrong document again. Keep everyone on the same page. No more sorting through dozens of emails.

Bank Grade Encryption

Comparisign ensures your files are protected automatically, there's nothing you need to learn or do. Your documents are only seen by you and those you share them with.

100% Web Based

Nothing to install and accessible anywhere, whether you're in the office or on the go. We take care of backups for you, too!

The fine print: Comparisign is 100% free, we don't even ask for your credit card